Pallet Racking Comparison Chart

Pallet Racking Comparison Chart

“Investment” only compares the relative cost of the racking structure itself and does not consider additional costs for specialized forklifts, reach trucks, operating costs, or construction costs. For example, a system designed with a low initial investment may require a facility with significantly more square footage. A larger building will result in increased construction costs, leasing costs, property taxes, higher maintenance and utility expenses, longer pick times, and more people to generate the same throughput. Evaluating alternatives should consider all factors as it is generally a long term investment.

Racking System Overview - Visual Comparison

Other Considerations

Inventory rotation

FIFO vs. LIFO . FIFO can be achieved with any racking system, however doing so requires more procedures, planning, and discipline with some systems over others. FIFO is easily achieved with Selective Racking and Pallet Flow systems, providing your system can track receipt or production dates. To achieve FIFO with Drive In, Double Deep, and Push Back only product received or produced of the same date can be stored in the same “lane” and each “lane” must be emptied before being refilled. System design is therefore critical to ensure FIFO and achieve density.

Facility Design

It is important to ensure that the facility will accommodate the racking structure, including the floor slab, fire protection system, column grid, and lighting pattern. Finding out that there are deficiencies in these areas can be a very costly mistake.

Pallet Design and Condition

It is important, from a safety perspective, to ensure your pallets are suitable and in good condition when storing product on any racking system. Specialized systems may be designed for specific pallets and damaged pallets can cause serious issues.


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